Efficacy with EleviewTM

Designed for an easy and safe resection procedure1

Eleview™ is a new submucosal injection agent intended for use in gastrointestinal endoscopic procedures.
  • Provides an immediate and long-lasting cushion1 that holds for up to 45 minutes2
  • Increases visibility of target lesion margins1
  • Designed to lower the risk of perforation1
  • Appropriate for challenging polyps regardless of size, location, or type
EleviewTM Procedural Demonstration
Lifts, lasts, outlasts saline2
Lifts, lasts, outlasts saline

EleviewTM vs. normal saline

Eleview™ cushion duration compared to saline
Eleview™ risks

Designed to lower risk1

EleviewTM is designed to lower the risk of perforation.1
  • Helps to visualize the margins of the target lesion1
  • Improved margin visualization helps decrease risk of damage to the external muscular layer, which could lead to perforation1
Time savings

Designed for efficiency

EleviewTM is designed to decrease the time needed to completely resect a lesion.3
  • Reduces reinjections required compared to saline2
  • Reduces piecemeal excisions compared to saline2
Less volume required

Requires less volume to create cushions3

EleviewTM requires less volume to create submucosal cushions compared to normal saline.3
  • Better cushion-forming ability than saline2
  • Maintains cushions without releasing liquid after resection2
  • 54% less EleviewTM is required to maintain a cushion in ESDs2

Methylene blue functions

Premixed into EleviewTM, methylene blue contrast agent serves key functions:
  • Provides detailed delineation of the target lesion edges throughout the resection4
  • Stains the submucosa, facilitating identification of muscle injury and enhancing the postresection view4
Inject to form a submucosal cushion of optimal height and duration1
Polyp resection
Reconfigures to form a colored cushion that pushes the mucosa away from the submucosa.1 Methylene blue provides detailed delineation of the lesion edges4
Polyp resection
Cushions last for up to 45 minutes,2 facilitating an easy and safe resection procedure1
Post resection view
Stains the submucosa, enhances the postresection view, and facilitates the identification of muscle injury4

Appropriate for a range of polyp types

Eleview™ creates optimal submucosal lift for help in resecting a range of polyps, regardless of their size, location, or type.
Polyp types
Large, flat, spreading polyps
Piecemeal Endoscopic Mucosal Resection with EleviewTM 2:40
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